Finham Parish Council

I had started a couple of posts of living in Coventry, one focussing on the things I like about Coventry, including the greenness, decent weather and friendliness of people (in general), and another focussing on an aspect of one of my biggest gripes about Coventry – transport. The particular issue is shared spaces which I have experienced a lot in the city centre at Coventry University, and which I think are just plain dangerous without further reduction in car, bus or taxi numbers. I also think there are just too many cars on the road, and that public transport should be massively improved, and walkways and cycleways extended enormously.

And now I’m making tentative steeps towards having some say in public policy by standing for parish council election in Finham. These are very tentative steps, but I am happy to be making them, although with 13 candidates for 10 places there is a very real chance that I may not get elected!

In Finham, I am particularly interested in developing a children’s play area, and tring to improve the connections to the city centre. I regularly cycle to work over the A45 island linking St Martin’s Road and Leamington Road, and whilst it feels OK, it is certainly a high risk crossing on a bicycle! The roundabout above the ring road is perhaps even scarier, but there is a subway alternative which is not available for the A45.

So, in case anyone is doing research into candidates, I am a very enthusiastic young father who is keen to get involved in trying to improve facilities and services for the local community in and around Finham!



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